Gizo Ujurmali

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Q1: Introduce yourself. What is your native city? The city where you live now? How long have you lived here?

I am Gizo Ujarmeli, from Tbilisi, Georgia. In the United States since 2000. Prior to the US, I lived in Germany for almost 11 Years.

Q2: Tell us about your journey from your homeland to the city you live and work in now.

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Georgia is the Cradle of Wine. We gave the world wine, beautiful polyphonic songs and Georgians invented the Art of Feast along with Tamada. Georgia is a birthplace of Shota Rustaveli, Shota Rustaveli was a medieval Georgian poet. He is the prominent poet of the Georgian Golden Age and one of the greatest contributors to Georgian literature. Rustaveli is the author of The Knight in the Panther's Skin.

Q3: Tell us about the geographical location and climate where you live now. What are the similarities and differences here compared to the lifestyle, culture, traditions, and cuisine of your Georgian culture and lifestyle?

Georgian people are as much very similar to many other cultures or people yet as different to all cultures or people. We all are. We all share things and differ on things. Georgia is on the crossroad between Asia and Europe. We are Caucasians, our striving is towards Europe and the West, yet we are entangled between Russia and Turkey. We feel European what we want to be, yet Asia and Oriental powers are closer. Georgia is the resistance of souls, cultures, it’s a conflict of ideas, it’s a storm of talent and creativity.

It is a live culture, that changes with time, yet we still need to figure out who we really are in the modern world.

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Q4: What is your career now? What was the path to this career? Is it different from your original interests or is it something you pursued to fit in and succeed in a new country?

I had to change careers a few times in my life, I am a coach, I am a motivator, I help this universe to me bit more beautiful every day. I am a part of this process called the universe. I feel I am contributing to better it every day. After making changes in my life a few times, I created a Real Estate Company, that donates funds to Charities out of every sale. I make a difference every day in our community. I love making a difference. I move people and moving is never just a change of place.

Q5: What are your hobbies and interests?

My hobby is Georgia, particularly I love vineyards because I believe grapes and wine are the greatest Georgian creations on earth. Also, I record videos with the title of the series, How Lives America

Q6: Tell us about your family where you live now and back in Georgia.

I have Mother and sister in Georgia. That’s why my best travel plans always include Georgia.

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Q7: Is there a Georgian community in your area?

No, there is no Georgian community in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Q8: Are you, your family and/or children able to hold onto the Georgian language, culture, and traditions?

It is my biggest challenge to instill love of my country to my daughter with Big Name of Salome Ujarmeli. American girl with a Georgian Heart. Salome understands everything in Georgia, yet we still need to work on her language skills.

Q9: What would you like to wish the readers of Persona Magazine?

I wish you all sun, water, and air in life, these three elements work so wonderfully with each other and nothing is possible without these elements of life.
— Gizo Ujurmali