Two Stubborn Goats - Maka Kartheiser

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Looking back from today’s perspective, I’ve had a blessed childhood. Growing up in Tbilisi, Georgia, my maternal grandmother told us, my brother and I, parables, proverbs, and folk stories full of wisdom. We learned from the life lessons tested over many centuries. That not only helped us indirectly to draw the parallels to any given situations, improve ourselves, and learn values and qualities meaningful to mankind’s wellbeing, but also, it helped to grow our worldly perspectives and understanding of all that was around us. It taught us to think in metaphors, speak with similes, and express through poetry. With these blessed memories of engaging with some of the most popular works in Georgian literature, I would like to share my favorites in hopes that you too may absorb this fruitful knowledge.

Stubborn Goats - Maka Kartheiser.jpeg

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