A Soul Divided - Maka Kartheiser

A Soul Divided: Memoir of a Modern Emigrant inspires readers from all walks of life to keep moving forward, no matter what life throws at them… and to persist in finding their special purpose. This story of an immigrant woman, Maka Kartheiser (Kverenchkhiladze) who shares her personal journey from the European country of Georgia, her beloved homeland, to her cherished new foster country, the United States of America. The author also recalls her life experiences growing up in the former Soviet Union country.A Soul Divided is about a journey similar to thousands of fellow emigrants who, like Maka, were forced to move away from their homelands, leaving behind their lifelong friends, parents, children and… a piece of their soul. The struggle to find one's place, one's self, and one's calling is universal; for emigrants, this struggle is even more to bear. They are destined to dwell in two countries, not belonging fully to both. Thus, living with a soul divided. This book is a story of hope, inspiration, and strength to do what seems impossible. It takes your heart and soul into the experience of holding on to one's identity, roots, and culture. A Soul Divided speaks to thousands of emigrants whose journeys and hardships are all unique, and give them courage and hope. It also opens the eyes of the people of those foster countries and helps them understand emigrants' search for belonging, challenges they face, and the strengths they hold while overcoming them. Author's Note: The beauty of A Soul Divided: Memoir of a Modern Emigrant is that it brings to light the similarities that we all share as humans.

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